Custom GP pedals

Gary, owner of much customized GP0076, recently installed custom engraved pedals in his GP:


The pedals were made by Ultimate Pedals -Gary writes: “They feel nice and heel-toe is a lot easier to do …”. Also, if more GP owners are interested, a group buy may be possible (join the discussion in the GP forum if interested)

7 thoughts on “Custom GP pedals

  1. Never could do the H&T thingy. In offroading it’s not needed so never had much reason to practice. Now to old to learn. 😉 Pedals seem large to me but maybe that’s the point.

  2. Here’s a link with a sort of explaination, and pictures.
    Practice. You’ll get it. 😉

    It doesn’t tell you that right foot action can be done with the left edge of the foot on the brake pedal, and reaching down with the other side of the foot to hit the gas.

    It also doesn’t tell you to engage the clutch during this “blip” phase in order to match the speed, NOT of the wheels, but of the gears in the transmission! That’s the whole point!

  3. Stock ones are small at least throttle is small. Last MCS, I glued a dead pedal on top of throttle, HT shift all night long!

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