GP bling

Inspired by George (who owns GP0154, GP1415 and GP1717), I wanted to install the JCW carbon fiber hood scoop on GPMINI – but I didn’t want to lose the “GP” letters.
So working with MINI Swag, I got perfect replacement letters, bought the scoop and installed it today!
First I tried the red “GP” letters that I’d bought:


But then I decided it would look better with the silver letters, closely matching the original design:

So here’s a close-up of the original and new carbon fiber hood scoops (ignore the foam, which is protecting the paintwork!):

While in a carbon fiber mood, I also got the JCW gear shift knob (again inspired by George!):

It looks fabulous, but it takes some getting used to because you hold the shift knob from the side instead of from the top … not sure if I” stick with it!

Finally, repeating the Chili Red mirror cap highlighting, I changed the white (MCS) door reflectors to red (MC):

GP on the track

Head over to MINI2 to see Fabios pics of him driving his GP on the track!

He wrote:
i am a novice myself and it went smooth, i slowly built up my sped throughout the day. The brakes seem’d okay … It was wet so that made it easier on the car. I think when i’ll be pushing the car to its limits for the day the brakes will start to suffer … tyres were crap, they didnt have much grip at all. I’m looking into a new set of wheels and tyres

Another great Tshirt

With the measurements I made of the GP hood scoop letters, MINI Swag designed a new GP Tshirt – the ones I ordered came today and they look (and feel) fabulous!

The smaller front logo and larger back logo can be custom-ordered with your GP roof number (extra $5 charge).
They feel nice too – apparently they have cotton on the inside and micropolyester on the outside, giving them a smooth, silky feel outside; I like it 🙂
(go to MINI Swag to order)

The GP hood scoop decal

Three GP owner George has installed the JCW carbon fiber hood scoop in his GP0154 (you can see it here) and it looks perfect – however the “GP” decal on the stock scoop is part of a large decal which covers the bottom of the scoop. So George bought some “GP” letters on eBay which look OK but are not quite perfect …

Now, with some pictures/measurements I took of the GP letters DVLMINI at MINIswag has created perfect replacement “GP” letters. I have some on order and will now be able to install the JCW scoop on GPMINI 🙂