Rear speakers installed!

George has now successfully installed (6×8) speakers in the back of one of his GPs – and confirmed that the stereo wiring to the rear positions does work!

He decided to install them into the foam “storage” piece that occupies where the rear seats would normally go; George cut the “carpet” backing so that the speakers can sound through the carpetting, and the result is “stealth” when the cover is closed:

George writes (in the GP owners forum) Overall I am really pleased with the results and the addition of the rear speakers makes a quite noticable improvement with the stock radio and stock front speakers. Though the HK in Jayne’s S is still far better


Calling all USA GP owners

As well as the (hopefully) interesting weblog posts here on GPMINI, we have a list of USA GP owners, including where they are located – so if you own a GP, please contact me to be added to the list; and check it out to see if there’s any other GPs near you 😀

Also, we have a chat forum set up exclusively for USA GP owners; head over, register and chat with other GP owners – knowing that everyone there owns and loves their GP 😉

Oh – one more thing! We also have a GP owners Gallery with pics of owners with their GP; let’s fill that Gallery!

Xenon retrofit

The GP doesn’t come with Xenon headlights – presumably to save weight; but many people would like them and there’s been active discussion on MINI2 and elsewhere.

The MotoringFile DIY page has a Xenon retrofit pdf but it only addresses replacing the pre’05 design Xenon unit with the more futuristic ’05+ design.

However, I’ve recently “acquired” the official retrofit instructions to install Xenon headlights in a car which has halogens (many thanks!)
There are two versions, this older version covers retrofitting the original Xenon unit and this version covers the new headlight design and is specific to cars built after 09/2003 … beware of reading these instructions, they’ll really put you off doing the retrofit!

Rear speakers in the GP

As we know, the GP has no rear speakers – now George has taken a great set of pictures showing what we do and don’t have back there … here for example is the normal 6×9″ rear speaker position, filled with a bracket onto which the luggage bar mounts:


However, the rear speaker wiring harness is still present and George has confirmed that it’s connected to the stereo and plays when a speaker is fitted.


So “all” we need to do to get more sound in the GP, is find somewhere to fit rear speakers! George suggests the space in the rear near the side airbag detonator, where the rear seat belts would normally be fitted:



Thanks, George, for all the work tearing your car to pieces and taking all the pics 🙂

(all photo credits to George)

Gabes GP review

Head over to MotoringFile to read Gabes final GP review:
… The GP is fast. And the sensation is so exhilarating that, if you aren’t burying the tach needle, you feel you’re letting down the car. It’s almost as if it deserves to be driven like you stole it constantly. The sensation of speed, the sounds coming from the exhaust, there are very few cars that are as immediately fun as the GP … even more important in creating true downforce is the radical looking rear wing … Another GP specific item is the updated intercooler that helps bring the power output up to 218bhp from the standard 210bhp on the 2005 and 2006 JCW MINI Cooper S. And to be honest that even feels conservative. But it’s the way that power is delivered through the power-band that differs from the stock JCW. The GP pulls very strong all the way to and past it’s 7,000rpm redline …
After spending seven days with the GP I came away with three things that seemed to define it as special over the stock MCS: addicting power all the way to red-line, sublime sounds, and improved dynamics … the soul of the GP comes down to the aero work done throughout the car … The GP is the ultimate MINI.

Also, there’s some wonderful pictures – thanks Gabe 🙂

(also remember to listen to Gabes in-car reports)