GP interior pics from George

George owns GP0154 – he & I drove MINI Takes The States together; while I recently paid MINI of Peabody to install an alarm in my GP, George decided to tackle the massive task himself (and it is a big job, since MINI chose to omit the alarm wiring from the GP!)

George is in the middle of creating a website for his GP and has put up a pile of pictures showing his stripped down car during the alarm install … I found this picture very interesting, as it shows the rear trim panel from inside – confirming as we know the total lack of sound deadening:


Head over to George’s Gallery and check out the rest of the pics, including this one of the “mystery” connector which we are pretty sure is for the non-existent rear speaker (there is one each side of the car and the wire colors are correct for the rear speakers)

GP owner survey

I received a new car owners survey from Maritz Research, applying to GPMINI … it’s quite fun to apply the general new car questions to the GP … Yes, I plan to do more “pleasure driving” than “transporting passengers” or “hauling large items” 😉

Number one GP feature: “Fun To Drive”; also “Spirited Performance” and “Exterior Styling” … and the MINI of Peabody experience counts too 🙂

Exterior appearance & Driving performace – truly outstanding!
Quietness inside the vehicle – not so good …

Anyone else get a new car survey?

GP car cover in Europe

No doubt with some thanks to GP owner Charlie, who discovered that Covercraft were commissioned in USA to make the indoor car cover (and outdoor one, eventually) for our GPs …
Billy Wizz over on MINI2 has got confirmation that Covercraft in Europe can supply the GP car cover:
Thank you for your enquiry for the external covers for your BMW Mini John Cooper Works GP 2006. We have the pattern for this car. The prices for these covers, tailored for the shape of the vehicle are:
Technalon E4 – least weather resistant, most knocks protective £210
Noah – more compact, more highly water resistant £240
Weathershield – most weatherproof, most compact – The Best! £320

See this MINI2 post for more details

Re-badge your GP?

The GPs, unlike all other MINIs, were assembled by Bertone in Italy (only the “body in white” car frame was put together by the robots in Oxford) … so maybe you need to re-badge your car?

(honestly, this is a JOKE! Please don’t do it! Unless you really need to)


MTTSphotos (Newscast) was the official photographers of MINI Takes The States and they took some great pictures!
I ordered a pile of (mostly) GPMINI related pics – here’s some of them:


(copyright 2006 Newcast)

If you drove all or part of MTTS you might be included in some of the many pictures they took – head over to MTTSphotos and have a look!

(photos scanned / shown here with kind permission of Jim Sulley from Newscast)