“Cartoon GP” shirts

Long ago – even before the first GPs were delivered to USA owners – we had a buying spree of “cartoon GP” shirts designed by Craig / Cooperation:

There are plans to do another batch of these shirts, for the many GP owners that didn’t know about the design back in 2006 (or for those owners who need new shirts!); both short sleeve and long sleeve Tshirts can be available, at a price to be determined depending on quantity – but likely between $20 and $30 each.


Fabulous GP “photography”

(by kind permission of Scott Dukes)

These GP pictures are so impressive …

… but in some ways the creation of them is even more impressive!

Head over to Scott Dukes Photography to read how these pictures were created:
First picture – GP on road
Second picture – GP against mountain backdrop

And I guess if you ever need the ultimate picture of your GP, you should get in touch with Scott (and then send a copy of the results over here!)