Comparing the GP with a Jag!

See this great write-up from Salocin over on MINI2:

Without doubt the most exciting of the foursome which is not unexpected. On the A30 it needs concentration to drive it swiftly. Surprisingly little torque steer so it takes off like a rocket at any speed. Perfect for overtaking.
It needs concentration because it tramlines on some of the poorer road surfaces. I am getting to know the places where it’s going to wander but that’s not the point. I shouldn’t have to! It can catch you out if you have one hand occupied on the gear shift whilst accelerating hard and hitting one of the bad areas of road.
There are few bends on this section of road so the GP is perhaps not in its element. The uneven road surfaces not withstanding it is the best handling machine I have ever driven. The suspension set up is totally in tune with the car.

Jaguar ‘E’ Type Series 1 Roadster
Very difficult for me to be objective here, I love this car and it’s been with me a long time! How can I compare a 40 year old sports car with a modern state of the art go Kart?
The GP is quicker in every way, of course it is. However even by todays standards, the Jag is fast, very fast. The excitement and adrenalin rush comes from getting the performance down onto the road! Unlike modern sports cars, the Jag doesn’t have ABS, LSD, DSC, electric windows, power steering, turbo charger, cruise control, mini-bar, diaper changing table or anything else!
What it does have is the ability to give you absolute satisfaction when driven well at any speed. It does need a certain amount of technique to get it right but when you do .. the wow factor is up there with the best ! Hanging the rear end out on an ‘E’ type is like nothing else on earth!

The GP screams and pops, the Jag snarls. Both are great sound tracks in very different ways but for me anyway, nothing beats a second gear slow cruise through a built up area in the ‘E’ Type, pure magic.

For more comparisons read the full write-up!

GP talk

There might not be many GP owners, but we like to chat, just like all the other MINI owners!
There’s a GP mailing list set up (contact me for info); MINI2 offers a combined JCW/GP forum but that covers a lot of cars, and also covers the world – it’s often interesting to discuss what’s happening in Europe or elsewhere, but there are some GP topics which are USA specific …

So, NorthAmericanMotoring to the rescue!


They’ve just set up a forum dedicated to GP talk – there’s not so many topics there yet, but hopefully over time it will expand … maybe we should move some of the mailing list chat (Recaro seats, CD changer wiring, alarm wiring) over to the NAM forum?

GP window specification sticker

I was asked today why GPMINIs rear windows weren’t tinted … good question! So Joe suggested that I check the “window sticker” specification sheet:

Tinted rear windows aren’t listed – but they’re also not listed for my other MINI so that doesn’t prove much.

Interestingly though, there are some other quirks of the GP specification: I wonder where passengers 3 and 4 are supposed to sit?!


Also, it is claimed that the GP is pre-wired for CD changer – and many owners have tried but failed to find the wiring; it must be really well hidden!


Finally, although not really an error, whoever edited the GP specific document must have run out of space – they listed DSC in the “engineering and safety features” section, but overwrote the “flat tire monitor” option which appears in the same place on normal MINI lists (hopefully they didn’t omit the actual flat tire monitor function!):


With errors like these, it’s no wonder we were wrongly told that the GP was pre-wired for the alarm … the GP drives wonderfully and looks fabulous, but it’s complete list of features & specifications are hard to find 🙂

(and we’re still waiting to discover if and how a factory alarm can be installed into a GP … are you listening, Mr. Stracco?)