Remember when the GP was new?

A friend recently sent in this link to a review of the GP on The Unofficial Austin Rover Web Resource – it’s a good review, except that they didn’t like the (UK) pricing:
REMEMBER the old cliche about saving the best ’til last – well, we reckon MINI may well have been thinking along these lines when it came to producing the ultimate special edition of the car that reinvigorated the marque when it was launched back in 2001. The rather laboriously named Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit, is without doubt, the ultimate MINI v2.0 you’ll ever buy from your local dealer.

Gun it from rest, and the Works GP hurls forward in a flurry of gearchanges and supercharger whine charisma is a no-cost option, here. At £22,000 it should be, too – and although there are faster, cheaper, alternatives to be had, there’s no denying the Works GP is a laugh a minute on the road …
Throw the Works GP into any tight bend you care to mention, and it turns-in with remarkable speed, and manages to avoid understeer even with plenty of provocation. The steering is beautifully weighted and delivers bags of feel, and a flick of the wrist is more than enough to have the Works GP flinging into bends with pin-sharp accuracy. Exiting corners reveals great swathes of traction and grip – and the limited slip differential significantly reduces wheel scrabble.

Make no mistake, the Works GP feels pretty special, and even more alive than any other production MINI. You’re constantly reminded the car is special – the sheer intensity of the driving experience, the raspy buzz from the exhaust system which cackles provocatively on the overrun; and the hip-hugging leather-clad Recaro seats will keep you amused for years to come … what we love about the Works GP is that it makes every journey feel that bit special, and positively oozes charm from every pore …

3 thoughts on “Remember when the GP was new?

  1. Ian, great article and site. Even after over a year of ownership I still can not help but smile when I see the GP. Especially when its zipping up the road behind me. Spent more time admiring your GP in the rear view yesterday morning then looking where I was going ;).

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