Torque and Horsepower curves

If you missed this thread on NorthAmericanMotoring by Mach V Dan, it’s worth reading through – almost a year ago, Dan of Mach V Motorsports used their Dyno to do a same-day same-conditions comparison of an R50 Cooper, R53 Cooper S, R53 with JCW, and a GP … the results are as expected but it’s nice to see them “in print”!

Dan was also able to compare the GP with a stock R56 with interesting results – it’s clear that the R56 torque is higher, while the GP offers a much smoother torque curve and the much-publicized-by-MINI highest stock MINI horsepower … of course the question is, which would you prefer to drive?

The first image below is R50 / R53 / R53+JCW / GP. The second image below is R56 / GP.