Three years later, where are the Monterey GPs

It was three years ago today, that more than 30 USA GPs were delivered during a special, unique & spectacular event at Monterey!


Now, three years later, some of those GPs have moved on to new owners, but many have been kept – the GP is a hard car to say goodbye to!
GP0032 – Charlie (his GP “lives upstairs“)
GP0056 – Joel
GP0076 – Gary (though his fabulously modded GP may soon be for sale)
GP0083 – Todd (from WRR)
GP0102 – Steve
GP0154 – George (one of three he now owns!)
GP0179 – Teddy (a great pic of his GP)
GP0203 – Ian (GBMINI)
GP0216 – Dean & Tammy

I believe there are others still with their original owner – if you’re one of them, let me know …