Two years ago – Coast to Coast in a GP

The original and best (!) MINI Takes The States 2006 was in mid-flow two years ago … this weekend I worked through the many more than 2,200 photos I’d taken, and put together an Animoto video/slideshow – a wonderful reminder of a wonderful event, beginning with GP delivery at Monterey and working city-by-city and state-by-state during a two week, 4,500+ mile drive across the USA.

Here is the video, nearly 300 pictures and over 8 minutes of entertainment – and at the beginning, a few never-before-shots of the first GP I ever saw (which MINI USA asked me not to post online back in August 2006!):


MTTS 2008

So MINI USA has officially announced the MTTS 2008 dates


Of course, it won’t be as great as MTTS 2006 – apart from anything else, they won’t be delivering GPs!

There’s also no officially supported road trip this year, just four individual events (more like MINI United – but maybe without the track?) … of course, you could always organize your own drives!

UPDATE: lots more details online now, and registration is open – go to for more


MTTSphotos (Newscast) was the official photographers of MINI Takes The States and they took some great pictures!
I ordered a pile of (mostly) GPMINI related pics – here’s some of them:


(copyright 2006 Newcast)

If you drove all or part of MTTS you might be included in some of the many pictures they took – head over to MTTSphotos and have a look!

(photos scanned / shown here with kind permission of Jim Sulley from Newscast)