Carscoops less impressed with 2020 GP!

Another article about the newest GP at Carscoops is not particularly positive; it links to a Carfection video review, and about it Carscoops states “… while the flagship MINI sounds good on paper, is it actually any good to drive? It certainly doesn’t seem like it … the British [journalist] says the car feels unresolved. It has lots of power and straight-line go but it is unrefined and falls down where hot hatches should shine; in the corners. The steering is heavy and the handling characteristics are inconsistent …”

The Carfection video:

2021 GP First Drive Review

Head over to Autoblog to check out their opinions.

Even with a reused powertrain and no manual transmission option, the new 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP delivers the raw, entertaining driving experience you would expect … nearly 800 pounds less than the next-lightest Clubman JCW with the same engine … if you’re not keeping a firm grasp of the wheel, your steering could be all over the place, too. Plant your foot and the wheel starts wriggling as torque steer rears its head. It’s uncouth, uncivilized, but also kind of fun … practically non-existent body roll is and incredible grip … the driver is bounced and tossed over pebbles and hairline cracks … starts at $45,750

2021 GP

I don’t really take notice of MINI now, though I still have friends that drive them – I do see the next GP is now up for pre-order at $44,900 in USA (a lot more expensive than the original GP, but not so much higher than the second generation). I see also that it’s planned to make 3,000 rather than the previous 2,000; so they won’t be so unique this time …

The huge rear spoiler and huge 300hp engine make me wonder if this is a road car any more, or just a track car … for more see MINI USA.

2018 GP?

There was a lot of MINI press this week about a “MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept: Racing without compromise … Inspired by the carmaker’s legendary triumphs in the Monte Carlo Rally exactly 50 years ago, this design study embodies undiluted dynamic flair and the ultimate in driving fun – on both the race track and the road. The concept car picks up the baton from the 2012 MINI John Cooper Works GP and 2006 MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit …”

You can read the press release here and check out a sample of the released photos and concept art, below:


UPDATE: MotoringFile posted an article including link to this video:


UPDATE: another video: