Another USA GP sold!

No idea which GP it was – although I’d guess it was the one given to InSkip MINI; but it brings the total USA GPs sold to 414, just one short of the 415 allocation – and we know that the missing one, GP0006, is being kept by MINI USA (for now, at least).

So from now on, all USA GP sales will be pre-owned.


7 thoughts on “Another USA GP sold!

  1. Hmm, how do ya figure, bystander? I traded in my 03 MCS with 42K miles on it for the GP, and it only depreciated $4K for what I paid for it brand new. Also, many GP’s have been selling for well over $10K over the MSRP. My research has shown MINI’s retaining their value WELL over most other brands. I’d be very interested in seeing your research on how GP’s are going to lose their value (considering they’re never going to make any more of them), maybe I should sell my GP now while the market is hot!? Thanks for the info!

  2. Hey, you deleted all my witty retorts and gave yourself the last word. Not fair! Crush the totalitarian GPMini state!

  3. No, I deleted your inane comments. Write something friendly and helpful and it’ll stay.

    BTW: your latest comment is neither friendly nor helpful 😉

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