Not just in USA …

… a total of 2000 GPs were sold, with 415 of them coming to USA.

Thanks to George, I’ve added to the introduction a country-by-country breakdown of where the 2000 GPs went, repeated here:

Country # of GPs
Austria 20
Belgium 20
EU Cyprus/South 1
EU CzeSwitzerland Rep. 1
EU Malta 1
EU Slovakia 1
EU Slovenia 1
France 80
Germany 280
Greece 11
Hong Kong 30
Internal 10
Ireland 7
Italy 222
Japan 168
Netherlands 20
Nordic 11
Portugal 7
Russia 12
South Africa 30
Spain 85
Switzerland 90
Turkey 40
United Kindgom 437
United States 415


Given that so many GPs went to other countries, I’ve decided to open up and in particular the GP owners forum to owners from any country (but sorry, you need to read/write English because I don’t have any other language skills!)

If you’d like to be added to the owners list, get in touch with me and supply your name, GP roof number, and location (town and state or country); if you want to join the GP owners forum then go through the registration process – but be sure to also contact me so I can cross-reference the registration (to prevent spammers getting access to the forum!)

Finally, if GP owners from other countries have GP news that might be interesting to everyone, let me know and we can “fill in the blanks” on this GP website 🙂

2 thoughts on “Not just in USA …

  1. We got five of the 11 Nordic GPs allocated to Sweden.
    I bought my GP #0120 (the official press car)in December 2006.
    A few more GPs have been imported from other EU countries during 2007.

    I’ll make sure the Swedish GP owners I know register.

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