An award for GP advertising

(thanks James for letting me know!)

In England last year was an amusing MCS JCW GP “viral ad” website which suggested that not everyone was “man enough” to own a GP … the creators, Glue, won Silver Cannes Lion 2006 Creative Showcase May 2006, Adobe Y Design Awards, Best Interactive Campaign.
We created this ambitious and unique viral ad for MINI to tie in with the launch of the new MINI Cooper S with JCW GP Kit, one of the leanest, meanest and toughest MINI ever. To do this new motor justice we used the most cutting edge interactive video techniques from Superglue to create a suitably impressive piece of work.
With tongue firmly in cheek the concept for the viral centres around the idea that men aren’t real men anymore due to the rise of the metrosexual. Users are asked to visit the website where they can nominate friends who may be demonstrating unmanly characteristics. The unsuspecting friend then receives a personalised email from their friend advising them that ‘someone wants to ave a little word’. At the website they get a personal video message from a hard bloke with a blunt and scarily knowledgeable message for all men who appear to have forgotten just who they are…

You can read the announcement here, and see the website here

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