More noise from the GP

While some GP owners (me included) are trying to quieten their GP, others prefer to boost the noise – Peter Braun (an MA at MINI of Fairfield County) straightened out the restriction in his JCW exhaust (needed to clear the convertible underbody and present on all newer JCW exhausts), and also removed the center resonator; he used piping from a stock S exhaust to do the job …

Before, After, missing resonator:

Peter says “Sounds almost stock at idle, but the snap, crackle and pop is definitely enhanced and it seems to have more torque all over the rev band, but most noticable at lower rpms. Throatier sound, deeper, not ricey!”

And he’s now posted a couple of Youtube clips:
This one is of the car revving while stationary;
This one is of a spirited drive down winding roads

3 thoughts on “More noise from the GP

  1. Hi Ian,

    I’ve been thinking of doing this on my car. I called MoP and spoke to Chris. He said they have never done it at MoP but suggested I should try Lou’s Exhaust (a few hundred yards up the hill from MoP). Do you have any thoughts/suggestions on where I should go for this type of work?

    Thanks for write up.


  2. Keith – sorry, I have no idea; I’ve always stayed with the stock or JCW exhaust.
    Peter seems to say this is a great mod – he used another exhaust as “donor”; I’d recommend getting one (maybe MoP will give you a removed one, you only need the straight pipe sections to be useable).
    If you have a donor exhaust, I’d think the actual welding work is pretty simple for any exhaust place.

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