GP0101 was one of the GPs delivered at Monterey back in August 2006, to Jim.
Recently, it was traded, and purchased by Dave and Mechelle – and now there is a video feature about the car on KUSI; a few detail errors (such as the amount of reduced weight) but mostly an interesting feature, nicely reminding us of just how special these cars are!

2 thoughts on “GP0101

  1. 33 MPG, give me a break… is Grandma Moses driving it!? Seemed kinda dirty. Brecht……. my daugther went there and hated the place. Never cared for the colour until I saw one in person.

  2. I did dump it. I got a Clubman S.

    I did get 35 one time. Doing 20 over all the way to Vegas in 45 – 50 degree weather.

    Superchargers love cold air.

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