Torque and Horsepower curves

If you missed this thread on NorthAmericanMotoring by Mach V Dan, it’s worth reading through – almost a year ago, Dan of Mach V Motorsports used their Dyno to do a same-day same-conditions comparison of an R50 Cooper, R53 Cooper S, R53 with JCW, and a GP … the results are as expected but it’s nice to see them “in print”!

Dan was also able to compare the GP with a stock R56 with interesting results – it’s clear that the R56 torque is higher, while the GP offers a much smoother torque curve and the much-publicized-by-MINI highest stock MINI horsepower … of course the question is, which would you prefer to drive?

The first image below is R50 / R53 / R53+JCW / GP. The second image below is R56 / GP.


2 thoughts on “Torque and Horsepower curves

  1. Ian – yes, I saw this a year ago but I agree, its interesting to review again. I wonder what is going on at 6500 rpm. You can see the JCW hp start to fall off as does the GP’s before the GP goes on with more power to its rev cut off. Wonder if its just that both vehicles share a similar cam and things just arn’t optimized for that end of the curve. Otherwise they seem to track consistently with an average of 5 – 8 hp gain with the GP.

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