Harnessing the GP

Ric, owner of GP0095, is a serious driver and has completed installation of Sparco seats and Schroth four point harnesses in his GP – and he’s compiled a great sequence of install pictures:


For more, visit this NorthAmericanMotoring thread.

It looks great Ric – and thanks for the pictures! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Harnessing the GP

  1. Very nice!
    Are they the Sparco Milano?
    How did you resolve the airbag light issue when installing the seats?
    I want to do the same thing but need to find more info about fitting and airbags issues…

  2. They are Sparco Monzas. I used the resistor patch to trick the seat airbags.
    Tricking the seat occupancy sensor is still a work in progress.

  3. fwiw, a fair percentage of track events won’t accept 4 point harnesses. the feeling is that without a sub belt, you can slide under the lap belt and receive significant internal injuries. another fair percentage of track events won’t accept harnesses without rollbars. the feeling here is that the roof could skoosh and the harness is holding you upright. my m coupe rolled, and the roof at the front was even with the dash, the roof over my head was folded over the rollbar, but higher than my head. I was happy to have had that rollbar.

    it’s arguable, and I believe, that you aren’t safer than stock until you have rollbar and 5 or 6 point harness and head restraints (HANS or similar). otherwise you are increasing your personal risk of injury. IMHO.

    the seats and harness do make it easier to drive, and these are certainly good looking seats.

    If/when I upgrade my mini seats/harness/rollbar, it will be all at once and all the way. I don’t think anything else is safe, and track is for real.

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