Rear speakers in the GP

As we know, the GP has no rear speakers – now George has taken a great set of pictures showing what we do and don’t have back there … here for example is the normal 6×9″ rear speaker position, filled with a bracket onto which the luggage bar mounts:


However, the rear speaker wiring harness is still present and George has confirmed that it’s connected to the stereo and plays when a speaker is fitted.


So “all” we need to do to get more sound in the GP, is find somewhere to fit rear speakers! George suggests the space in the rear near the side airbag detonator, where the rear seat belts would normally be fitted:



Thanks, George, for all the work tearing your car to pieces and taking all the pics 🙂

(all photo credits to George)

7 thoughts on “Rear speakers in the GP

  1. (unless I am reading the photos wrong) why not remove the luggage bar brackets and put the speakers in their original holes? You would probably just need to perforate the side panels some how or maybe replace them with standard ones.

  2. That’s interesting. Boy, those brackets don’t look very sturdy. There’s no way you’d want to try to adapt them for harnesses, that’s for sure. I’m not even sure I’d want to use them for securing a child seat! I personally find that to be a disappointment; why not beef up that brace to be used for harnesses? I know the rear seat belt mounts are still there, so you *can* use Schroths. Just a little thing, I suppose, on an otherwise all-around great car. 🙂

  3. Brian,
    Whatever the right or wrong of it, the GP was built “body in white” in Oxford before shipping to Bertone – so the car metal body/frame/etc is unchanged from the standard MINI. Thus, the bolt-on bracket.
    To do more would have entailed changing the basic car body panels, welding at Bertone, or similar …

  4. Brian,
    That’s why it’s called a luggage bar. It’s expressly not for mounting a child seat or harness to. Personally, I’m not sure it would hold back much luggage in an accident either..! Did anyone see the 5th Gear / Top gear (can’t remember which) where they crashed cars with things like breifcases and laptops in the back seat..! Eek!
    As for the speakers, if you’re not going to remove the bar or perforate the panels (and I can see why you wouldn’t), you’re not limited to the 6x9s of the standard car… I could see a long thin bar with multiple smaller speakers clamped under the luggage bar. I replaced the rear shelf of a Fiat Punto once with a series / parallel array of small speakers. It sounded great because you don’t have to drive any one coil very hard to get a lot of sound. Given the lack of sound deadening in the GP, I’d think you’d need a lot of sound..! 🙂

  5. That’s sort of what I’d like in GPMINI, Gavin … I envisage a molded shape that sits behind the seats, sloped so it’s wider at the bottom, with a back/rear that is flat and has a curve/hook at the top that wraps round the luggage bar – then with maybe velcro that hooks it to the luggage bar.
    The front can have some speakers / subs installed, and a little storage area in the center – somewhere to move the stuff I keep on the passenger seat, when someone rides with me.

    I guess fiberglass and wood … if someone knows who can make this, let me know

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