Cartoon GP shirts

With many thanks to Craig / Cooperation (famous in this NAM thread and many other places!), we have a limited edition run of “cartoon GP” shirts – Craig designed the logo on the front and the GP on the back to look like they came out of the excellent movie Cars!


19 thoughts on “Cartoon GP shirts

  1. Jeff,
    A small group of Monterey delivery GP buyers got together to have enough numbers to order some shirts – we ordered just enough for us.

  2. these are cool………where can I purchase one (or two). If you are getting a Mini GP, these are a must!!

  3. yes there is , i will chuck in a copy of the motorshow vid if you like to on dvd, i will see if i can get them sorted. this week or next 🙂

  4. Very cool, are these shirts still available for GP owners to be? If so, where and how do I place the order and how much is it? Would probably take two shirts please.

  5. Please put me down for two GP T-shirts one md. and one large thanks. Who do I pay ?

    La Strega
    Proud owner of GyPsy 0142
    & Streghina La Convertible

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