What makes a GP?

A question popped in to my head when adding Don from Austria, with GP1463, to the owners list … when is a GP no longer a GP?gp1463


Don writes “I own GP 1463, it’s black with green stripes and mirrors now” … So Don’s GP is no longer Thunder Blue – but apart from that, it’s still a GP, with the unique wheels, aero kit and rear wing. And it surely still has the “1463 of 2000” decal on the dash.

I’ve seen other GPs with different wheels – I’ve even seen one with rear seats installed! And of course many GPs have had engine, suspension, stereo or similar modifications. But then, there’s the sad story of GP0448 – salvage titled and apparently no longer with original GP engine (or at least intercooler), with “mimic” GP wheels, and a worrying history. Is that car still a GP?

20 thoughts on “What makes a GP?

  1. An interesting query. Part of me wants to say a color change changes part of what makes a GP a GP. However there are still enough GP specifics to leave Don’s car still firmly a GP in my mind. GP 0448 concerns me, I think that its still in the GP family although only on the fringe of it.

  2. 1. If all the factory stuff that the GP comes with makes it a GP then that’s what it should be left as if you want to sell it to me as a GP.

    2. If an owner wants to “you-ify” it… so be it. Call it a GP, if he or she wishes, but really it’s then just a another MINI with GP stuff on it.

    Or like this… If you customize a Plymouth Super Bird or Charger Daytona to how you like instead of how it came, that’s kool but, selling it as a Super Bird or Daytona to me ain’t gonna work.

    This all being said, if doing a flat black GP with green mirrors and stripes floats you boat… have at it, it’s your right, you bought it!

  3. I’m the second owner of GP#1325. Thankfully the original owner did not make any modifications bar installing a Parrot bluetooth handsfree kit.

    I have often thought about adding on a JCW steering wheel or MINI OEM driving lights, but have shied away because I want to keep the car bone-stock.

    Currently I am really having a hard time convincing myself that I do not need the JCW drilled rotors…

    0448 definately no longer qualifies in my book – not so sure about Don’s car either…

  4. GP0203 does have the JCW steering wheel – I feel that is an acceptable part for the GP (which maybe should have been on from factory!)
    The DPSM installation for the stereo is invisible, and the subwoofers could be removed to return the interior to stock (except for the red painted toggle switch panel rings!)
    I did switch the hood intake to JCW CF, but I think I’ll switch back to the original part.
    I guess the key is to respect the “GP image”, or to be able to reverse mods that are done to the car. A new owner of GP1463 above could get it repainted to Thunder Blue …

    I am also thinking about the new JCW brakes … but again, a true JCW accessory is arguably OK for the GP.

  5. I tend to think JCW accessories are actually not any issue with the car, while not completely stock I am betting there isn’t a single person here that would jump at the chance of putting the JCW Recaro’s into the car. Currently GP0509 is bone stock, have even kept the annoying downtube cup holder on the car lol.

    I have been tempted to put the JCW shifter, steering wheel, and front strut brace into the car though.

  6. Aren’t the Recaro seats standard on the Euro GPs? If that’s true then I think that’s kool, I’d do that myself. As far JCW stuff goes… If I saw stuff like that or what Ian has done or anything that’s easily, the key word here, easily undoable, I’d buy it. But, some stuff I’ve seen on some GPs, I think, is atrocious, but again to each his own.

    Been thinking about a GP for myself but the lack of rear seat, although that would be good for TwistyBitz merchandise hauling, rear wiper and I think No AC, true?, wouldn’t work for me.

    So How come we have to put in “GP” on the GBMINI and not here??? Inquiring minds what to know? 😉

  7. Robert,
    The GP *does* have a/c (there was a rumour to be able to order an a/c-delete to save weight, but it never happened – at least not in USA).

    As for entering the check word “GP” – note my spam count on GPMINI is just over 10,000 … while on GBMINI.net it’s over 400,000! I just don’t need the extra protection (so far) on GPMINI.net – there just isn’t the level of activity that there is/was on GBMINI.net

  8. Guess at the end of the day the base fact is each GP owner can do pretty much anything they want. Though for me personally reversible changes are the only thing I would look at.

  9. Interesting discussion. I think – once a GP, always a GP. The state, and condition do vary.

    I did some mods on mine, all reversable. JCW steering wheel, shift knob with Cravenspeed short shift kit, JCW strut bar, Texas Speedworks engine brace, modified the exhaust myself, with JCW parts and creative welding, modified the brake ducts to working pieces, DPSM stereo, Sparco seat belts, no more rear luggage bar, stock rear fog lamp, and a Revolution MINI Works tune (17% more power). Oh, and 4 PIAA headlamps.

    That stuff works for me! I think my mods make it a better car. Obviously more enjoyable for me as well, but also I feel, an improvement to the original. Debateable, of course. And it still is a GP – faster than most with a better stereo than most, and custom, hand-painted red pin stripes. And a custom red/black antenna! And, plastic invisible paint protection. All reversable. If need be. I will never claim it’s bone stock. Who knows, some day it might even have a stock looking 2.0 liter motor breathing in there. [/evil laugh]

  10. I simply love GP’s and also support anything people want to do with theirs. Think there isn’t anything wrong with modifying a car, heck its a Mini which comes from decades of modifications. I still presume strictly speaking as a collector car an original untouched example will be worth more than a highly modified car generally (but not always).

    Nice build pbraun

  11. The only GP is one of the 2000 sold.
    What then the owwer does with the GP doesn’t matter.
    A MINI isn’t a GP, but a GP is a MINI.

  12. Robert …
    You need to read more of my website where it says only 2000 of these special edition MINIs were sold, with 415 coming to USA 😉

    I remember there was something (MF?) about plans to build a second batch of GPs – but it was apparently nonsense!

  13. I visit your “websites” daily, even while on vacation, Can you say the same to me? ;-]

    But yes I do remember the 2000 limit, now.

  14. Odd, I really thought this topic would generate much more interest. But then I think all of my topics will and most don’t.

  15. To me the only acceptable mods are JCW stuff.

    To each his own. With only 415 in the US, I say drive the piss out of them and Mod them all the way.

    For those that resisted the temptation, the rewards will come in 10 or 15 years when you have one of the few that are truely non-modified.

    I put the GP into the same category as the BMW 95 M3 LTW and the 93/94 Porsche RSA. The bone stock ones always fetch more money.

    If your intentions are to mod the crap out of it, save some coin on the front end and buy a stock Cooper S and go crazy.

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