Adding a trailer hitch

(of course, this MINI Do More modification could be done to any GP, but since Matt added it to GP1543 and took pics, they are here!)

Matt began by removing the rear bumper cover, and taking some close-up pics of the rear crash structure – behind it is a black mounting piece and some rubber padding (both these parts get removed/replaced by the trailer hitch):

Next, the crash structure is removed – in the close-up you can see the black mounting piece and the foam piece:

The black piece and foam are removed and the new MINI Do More black piece with trailer hitch is installed in place, behind the crash structure:

When the rear bumper cover is re-attached, the trailer hitch is aligned to be accessible through the rear fog light position – and the blanking plate can be re-installed to hide the hitch when not in use!

Finally of course, the trailer hitch can be used – Matt shows it here with a bike rack:

Thanks Matt!

7 thoughts on “Adding a trailer hitch

  1. I’ll do that only if I make a MINI trailer first – thinking about using a rear end of a MINI, cutting off everything from the window line up, enclosing it, and adding the proper trailer items. I’ve seen this done with classic Minis, and it is a sight to behold!

  2. I know mini-do-more does trailer, not like that though but they color code them to the car. The install went very smoothly and what is the best is when the hitch is not in use you never see it. The 1 1/4″ holds about 200# and can tow about 1500 or so. Thanks Ian for letting me know about the company, much better than the sport link, this should have been the factory accessory. I guess then it would have been like twice the cost though.

  3. My GP has a fog light (Euro spec). I guess this means you lose use of it? I was also wondering how the electrics work for the trailer lights?

  4. Timmee,
    If you look carefully in the final pic of Brent’s GP with trailer, you can see a wire bundle coming out of the trunk – that’s presumably spliced in to the cars taillights. Not a tidy job, but surely a car installer could do better.

  5. I caught a tire chunk on the freeway and it knocked the whole right side lower skirting loose! Was able to snap all back in place but can’t see where to access screw that is inside that area as it is still loose. Any book that will tell me how to access this area?

    Does this seem a tad light weight in construction? Or is the construction based on load?

  6. I’m sure the hitch is strong enough for it’s rated load – but I bet rated load is lower than many other vehicles!
    Can’t help with fastening, sorry

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