Pros and Cons of a GP

An interesting discussion on MINI2, asking for comparisons between an R56 MCS and an R53 GP – with a great summary from Fin (re-posted with permission):

The looks are stunning. Seeing a picture of a GP does not, I feel, do it justice. The whole stance of the car looks like it needs to constantly be restrained to stop it speeding off. Whenever I take the car out people admire it, underestimate it, and respect it.

Driving. The whole set up of the car is spot on. You can purchase an R56 S, R56 S JCW and I don’t think there would be much in it against the GP in terms of pace. From what I have read the new cars have excellent mid range punch like the GP. But the whole set up of the GP is just so focused on its purpose; I have never driven a car like it before. I don’t think we will see it again until they do and R56 GP.

Noise. When sat cruising on the motorway the GP will keep noise down to civilised levels. But when you take it to the redline the supercharger absolutely screams, and mixed with the rumble of the exhaust, removed sound damping, and huge area for the sound to resonate….. its like the Cooper S on steroids in surround stereo. It is one of my favourite traits of the car, one I feel I would miss in the R56.

Exclusivity. You do not, and will not see many of these around. I see probably 10 MINIs a day around where I live, none of them are a GP.

Boot space. No rear seats allows a decent amount of room.

Fuel economy. It is only by the skin of its teeth that the GP gets a positive here, and it comes with a caveat. I use my GP as my main car. On motorway journeys from 70-75 mph in 6th, the GP will cruise with quite acceptable fuel consumption.

Residual value. So far they have been strong and hopefully will remain so.

Fuel economy. It has to be mentioned again here because it is not good around town or when you are driving it how it is meant to be driven.

Tax. It is £210 this year going up to £300 next year as the government pretend to do something about global warming.

The car does not come with an alarm as standard.

You have to be very careful over speed bumps as it is pretty low!

It is difficult for me to remain unbiased in my assessment of the GP, as is to be expected. But I feel I have been pretty fair.

Fin is based in England, but the fuel economy comments are becoming more relevant in USA too – my GP is reasonable (high 20s for town driving), but the R56 I drove for a few weeks got low 30s on the same routes (maybe 15% better). Of course, if you only care about mpg, an R56 Cooper will be your best choice!

I totally agree with Fin’s comments about looks, driving, and sound … after 25,000 miles my GP is still a thrill to drive 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of a GP

  1. I love my GP and drive it most days, even though I have a short commute to work, it’s remains a thrill!

    Going tomorrow for a special tune-up on a dyno here in CT, and then in a few weeks to 3 track days back-to-back at Watkins Glen, with a group of MINIs, and 2 other GPs! I’m sure the car will be right at home on that track, as it was on Lime Rock, and will have greater capabilities than the driver.

    The GP is a superlative car and I feel the best, and fastest, MINI ever built. I can’t wait to show one of the R56 JCW cars my rear license plate! (JCW * GP)

  2. Nice assessment. MINI set the bar extremely high and may be challenged to come out with a future rival. I’m sure there will be faster but will they have the our GP charisma and presence? She still puts a smile on my face everytime I approach her.

  3. It still needs a few upgrades if the car is to be fully appreciated on the local track on a more frequent basis by the driver, but as a regular (as regular the GP can be)daily car it’s lots of fun.
    The best MINI ever from the driver’s point of view.

    I have to agree in terms of looks. A stunner !
    The best looking MINI ever from the owner’s point of view.

    A have no idea what the view of the passenger is because I’m to busy to ask driving the GP.

  4. devo vendere la mia mini gp e la numero 0005 e in italia se qualcuno è interessato questo è il mio numero +39 069587593
    e +3933505346199 marco

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