From Autotrader:
An ultra-special Mini Cooper owned by one of World football’s greatest talents is for sale on Auto Trader. Wayne Rooney was the first owner of this rare special edition 2006 Mini GP, which boasts serious performance … He owned it for about six months before passing it on to the current owner.
Wayne Rooney is England’s biggest footballing talent. The 21-year-old shot onto the scene as a prodigious teenager for Everton, before sealing a multi-million deal to sign for Manchester United. He has a reputation for loving fast cars, having owned a selection of Lamborghinis, Bentleys and BMW …

So, would the owner history make you more or less likely to buy this GP?

6 thoughts on “GP1711

  1. Yes and No, my preference for cars is minimum amount of owner changes and extensive documented history. A celebrity owned is a plus but when they have only owned it for a few months and then has swapped several hands I would consider it less attractive.
    Though in the case of a GP I think all GPs are of equal footing regardless of who the previous owner was and can see someone paying more or less based on their desire for a roof number.

  2. SMOG set up on this Euro GP is alright for USA market? I’d go for a 0007 myself if I had George’s budget. I like my sun roof, rear wiper and so on tooo much and I’m starting to warm up to the new gen MINI with Schnitzer aero pack.

  3. Rooney’s or not – I wouldn’t touch a used one. You guys in the US not get Recaros? I thought they were all the same…

    GP0099 (Reg: MYTMOUSGP)
    South Africa

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