‘Ave a word

Julie reminded me recently of a UK “viral” advertising campaign that ran when the MINI Cooper S with JCW GP Kit was first released, called ‘Ave a word .. a “british pseudo-thug” threatens you that you’re not “man enough” to drive the GP, then asks you to “dish the dirt” on someone you know that might not be man enough! Amusing, since Julie is driving a GP today!
Anyway, the original website is no longer available, but Glue London, that created the campaign, had aveaword:
We created this ambitious and unique viral ad for MINI to tie in with the launch of the new MINI Cooper S with JCW GP Kit, one of the leanest, meanest and toughest MINI ever …
With tongue firmly in cheek the concept for the viral centres around the idea that men aren’t real men anymore due to the rise of the metrosexual. Users are asked to visit the website aveaword.com where they can nominate friends who may be demonstrating unmanly characteristics. The unsuspecting friend then receives a personalised email from their friend advising them that ‘someone wants to ave a little word’. At the website they get a personal video message from a hard bloke with a blunt and scarily knowledgeable message for all men who appear to have forgotten just who they are…

[Stuff vanishes in the internet – neither the original website nor Glue London exists any more, but I still have this copy of the write-up!]


4 thoughts on “‘Ave a word

  1. GPMINI.net is a great source of information – even for us left outside in the cold 😉
    Keep up the good job.

    Hobbe, Sweden

  2. The guy in it is Peter, he’s my uncle and he doesnt sound at all like that so we always find this advert very amusing, and his hair aswell!!

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