11 thoughts on “The “last” GP

  1. I’m surprised they let that one out. I would think some MINI exec would have had that one.

    btw, was that a crack comment above? What would a MINI be without customization?

  2. GPMINI is much more valuable to me than a bone stock GP … it’s not an investment, it’s a pleasure machine 🙂

  3. “GPMINI is much more valuable to me than a bone stock GP … it’s not an investment, it’s a pleasure machine”

    Here, here, !!! That’s what it’s all about. No Trailer Queens!

  4. this guy would be funny if I were in junior high. It’s so odd how some are so concerned about other peoples’ choices. Just go buy your own and be done with it… if your mommy lets you.

  5. You can admit you laughed, Dan. Embrace your inner junior high… guy.

    I’m sorry, but as a vintage car investor, it just irks me to see people butchering limited edition cars like the GP.

  6. I have nothing against driving it hard and enjoying it. Did I say that? No, I didn’t.

  7. I have a vintage car also. It is restored to factory original condition, and a best in class winner at a very distinguished concours show. I love it, and would not modify that car.
    The GP I own, I drive every day if possible (not in bad snow – I have a 4×4 truck for that) and have made a few changes to maximize my driving pleasure, such as a JCW steering wheel and shifter, a damper, modified exhaust, pinstripes and a few other goodies, yes including a better stereo system.
    I drive it. I drove it at my personal highest speed possible on Lime Rock. I loved it and will go back again soon to do it again. I don’t care how valuable it is or how much it looses each year – I still love it and will pound around in it till it falls apart, then I’ll put it back together again. If I feel like it, I could always put all the stock parts back on and take off the painted pin stirpes. I won’t do that, cause I like it more the way it is now.
    If you don’t like my car, s’ok with me, but don’t give me a story about it. Maybe I don’t like your car either, but I’m not going to give you a hard time about it.

    Enjoy. I am.

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