15 GPs

This has to be the biggest gathering of GPs in one location, since the MINI Takes The States Wrap-up at Lime Rock last year!
Here are FIFTEEN GPs lined up at MINIs On The Dragon, being photographed by Mark Vogler (of GoMotoring and Twister fame) – excellent picture 🙂



UPDATE: Mark sent me all his pics:


12 thoughts on “15 GPs

  1. I had my 2 year old daughter with me at the Dragon in our GP 0840. During the 15 car line up, she decided she wanted her ball out of the car. Rather humorous to watch a 2 year old try to figure out which car was hers!!

  2. At my first MINIsOnTop, I tried to get in and drive the wrong MINI – first time I’d been in such a group with other cars so similar to mine (and the car in front of GBMINI#2 then was also Indi Blue)

  3. I am looking for all TwistyBitz GP shirt owners who were at the Dragon to send me pics of them in their shirts. Brent look at my site and tell me if thats you and your girl. Also there was a fellow wearing a GP shirt in the “FLY MINI” car, any pics?


  4. I really am happy that everyone let me do this. If I can every contribute to anything MINI related please dont hesitate to ask. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and making this happen.

    Mark Vogler

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