Improved GP shirt graphics

Last month I ordered a couple of nice GP shirts from MINI Swag; it turns out the front graphics didn’t print as the designer had wished – they contacted me and all the other buyers, and offered to mail out replacement shirts at no cost!
My new shirt arrived last night – and the print is clearly improved on the front, but just as nice in every other way (see the original write-up for more details).

Here’s the original front print (left) with the new print (right):


(it’s not a crooked print – I just wasn’t very careful setting up the pic this morning!)

I thought the shirt was great (“fabulous”) before – now it’s even better!


GP letters compared

As requested by George, here’s a comparison of the original “GP” letters on the hood scoop, with the MINI Swag version:

The MINI Swag letters are made from slightly thicker material – presumably because cutting them any thinner would be difficult to do and to handle (remember the original GP letters are printed on a large decal that covers the whole of the bottom of the hood scoop).

The MINI Swag letters are also very slightly less wide – the font isn’t exactly the same (but it’s close!)