Todds Mods

After comparing the original and MINI Swag “GP” letters on GPMINIs hood scoop recently, Todd (of ToddsMods, MotoringBadges and WhiteRoofRadio) said he could make closer-to-original badges … so I ordered some and fitted them today – it took ages to peel off the MINI Swag letters (maybe it would have been easier if it wasn’t 20f!)


Here’s an animated photo of the MINI Swag letters, then Todds letters – sorry I haven’t taken a comparion pic of Todds letters to the originals, but Todd did and there’s negligible difference (sorry, I deleted the pic he took!):


Todd makes loads of other fabulous stuff too including a great MTTS magnetic badge that lives on my fridge – well now, it has company! Look at these amazing badges, a must for any enthusiastic GP owner 😉

Each magnetic badge is just less than 3″ diameter, as are these self-stick decals that Todd also sent me (last image).
I can’t find these designs on Todds websites but email him and I’m sure he’ll be happy to sell them to you 🙂

5 thoughts on “Todds Mods

  1. Ian – glad you liked the free prototype samples. The JCW logo badge is not for sale but I’ll be posting some of the other GP badge and decal designs on the site soon. Also, look for a NAM announcement/launch this week.

  2. Jeff,
    No criticism – Todd had a distinct advantage!
    Chatting with George’s wife Jayne last night, she’s THRILLED with her red GP letters on GP1717 🙂

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