Roundel track tests the GP

The January ’07 issue of BMWCCAs Roundel magazine has a track test of the GP, here scanned by Peter:

… with its lighter weight, greater power, and aero kit, the GP was an excellent candidate for a track day test … the combination of handling agility, increased power, and better brakes made the GP a real pleasure to push hard on challenging roads …
I started to form a pretty negative opinon of the GP after those first few laps, but then I turned the DSC off. Wow … the GP turned from a pig to a tossable and entertaining dance partner …
… there is still a fair amount of body roll to the GP, but overall the car is fairly neutral in handling, with just a touch of understeer …
Overall I found the Cooper S GP worthy of being in the same company as the other end-of-life performance specials put out by BMW … those lucky enough to own one of the 415 that came to the US will have a unique and entertaining car that will be great fun to drive on the road and competent enough to take on the track occasionally …

One thought on “Roundel track tests the GP

  1. So, now that we all agree that run-flat tires don’t belong on a GP, nor on the MINI-S, does anyone know what would be a good road/track alternative, anyone, anyone?

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