The GP hood scoop decal

Three GP owner George has installed the JCW carbon fiber hood scoop in his GP0154 (you can see it here) and it looks perfect – however the “GP” decal on the stock scoop is part of a large decal which covers the bottom of the scoop. So George bought some “GP” letters on eBay which look OK but are not quite perfect …

Now, with some pictures/measurements I took of the GP letters DVLMINI at MINIswag has created perfect replacement “GP” letters. I have some on order and will now be able to install the JCW scoop on GPMINI 🙂

Recaro seats

USA GPs don’t come with the Recaro seats that are standard in other countries – and it’s very disappointing! Compare these two pages from the UK and USA GP booklets:

So, what to do?
There’s been some investigation of getting Recaro seats shipped over from England but apart from the cost of the seat itself, shipping is prohibitive! So, here’s a possible new strategy: I’ve learned that the seat frame is identical, so just buy the padding & covers and convert your USA GP seat to a Recaro! Check out these details:


I haven’t gone through all this data yet but I like the “CAN BE RETROFITTED” phrase at the top 😉

10,000 miles in a GP

Here are the first pictures I’ve seen of a GP reaching 10,000 miles! This is GP0076 belonging to Gary & Heidi – they picked it up in Monterey, drove much of MINI Takes The States, headed home to New Jersey to get some upgrades, re-joined MTTS near the end, and have covered a good few miles since then too!

I love this pic, which has Garys family and their other MINI seen through the back-up camera on the GP, wired through Garys DVD playing stereo:

Here’s another great image on the display (the new Italian Job for those that don’t recognize it!):

Great driving Gary 🙂 I’ve still got 700 miles to go to catch up with you …