6 thoughts on “GP (outdoor) car cover

  1. I wonder when people will start modifying them? Opps it already is, black roof?
    Shoulda bought one of my GP shirts, also! =;¬)

  2. Hi, if anyone is interested I contacted covercraft today and got the pattern number for the GP for the indoor or the outdoor cover. That way you can get your choice of colors and material. Unfortunatly you still have to buy it from a retailer or on-line. Pattern Number C17001

    Steven Tyler

  3. How are you getting your car covers? I have had one on order with the dealer since I bought the car and can’t get one.

  4. Mark,
    The outdoor car cover (82 11 0 421 606) should be available for your dealer to order. If not, try another dealer! Try Classic MINI, Morristown MINI or MINI of Peabody 😉

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