Re-badge your GP?

The GPs, unlike all other MINIs, were assembled by Bertone in Italy (only the “body in white” car frame was put together by the robots in Oxford) … so maybe you need to re-badge your car?

(honestly, this is a JOKE! Please don’t do it! Unless you really need to)


MTTSphotos (Newscast) was the official photographers of MINI Takes The States and they took some great pictures!
I ordered a pile of (mostly) GPMINI related pics – here’s some of them:


(copyright 2006 Newcast)

If you drove all or part of MTTS you might be included in some of the many pictures they took – head over to MTTSphotos and have a look!

(photos scanned / shown here with kind permission of Jim Sulley from Newscast)

Underneath the red panel

Many thanks to Ric who was not only brave enough to disassemble the rear panel area of his GP, but also took loads of pictures, including close-ups of the luggage bar bracket, and the normal GP rear speaker mounting position when that bracket is removed!