Another GP Tshirt design

Before Monterey Delivery some GP owners-to-be got together and had “cartoon GP” shirts printed. Now here’s another GP-specific Tshirt design, this time from Dave of SwagHappy:


It’s a nice design, a comfortable shirt (Haynes Beefy T); and just like the GP itself it’s limited edition! Dave writes “there will only be 50 copies of this design made, each signed and numbered by the artist” (mine is signed unobtrusively on the back of the Haynes tag, 3/50).

If you’re interested in enhancing your collection of limited edition GP stuff, head over to SwagHappy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Another GP Tshirt design

  1. Hum, the shirt is interesting but the window sticker and T about SUV’s………. Hum? Not in LA, if you want to live. Of course it could mean Purely Obtuse Size.

    I like the Caddy… ’49…………?

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