GP talk

There might not be many GP owners, but we like to chat, just like all the other MINI owners!
There’s a GP mailing list set up (contact me for info); MINI2 offers a combined JCW/GP forum but that covers a lot of cars, and also covers the world – it’s often interesting to discuss what’s happening in Europe or elsewhere, but there are some GP topics which are USA specific …

So, NorthAmericanMotoring to the rescue!


They’ve just set up a forum dedicated to GP talk – there’s not so many topics there yet, but hopefully over time it will expand … maybe we should move some of the mailing list chat (Recaro seats, CD changer wiring, alarm wiring) over to the NAM forum?

2 thoughts on “GP talk

  1. So are you saying the car comes out without an alarm ? You must be kidding. Right?

    This is unacceptable. What are drivers telling their insurance companies for coverage? I’m curious.

    What are other drivers doing on their own to remedy the situation (e.g. doing things like LoJack)?

    Some of us won’t be in a position to store the car in a garage (like me in SF), and this really concerns me for theft reasons.

    I’d love to hear what folks are planning to do.

    I’m number 0660 on the list and can’t wait, but now I’m really concern about this alarm problem.

  2. The GP comes without an alarm – particularly crazy in UK, where the normal MCS does have an alarm!

    Jeff Stracco at MINI USA (a) told us the cars were pre-wired (which is wrong) and then (b) told us they were working on a solution – we’ve had no update yet.

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