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I was asked today why GPMINIs rear windows weren’t tinted … good question! So Joe suggested that I check the “window sticker” specification sheet:

Tinted rear windows aren’t listed – but they’re also not listed for my other MINI so that doesn’t prove much.

Interestingly though, there are some other quirks of the GP specification: I wonder where passengers 3 and 4 are supposed to sit?!


Also, it is claimed that the GP is pre-wired for CD changer – and many owners have tried but failed to find the wiring; it must be really well hidden!


Finally, although not really an error, whoever edited the GP specific document must have run out of space – they listed DSC in the “engineering and safety features” section, but overwrote the “flat tire monitor” option which appears in the same place on normal MINI lists (hopefully they didn’t omit the actual flat tire monitor function!):


With errors like these, it’s no wonder we were wrongly told that the GP was pre-wired for the alarm … the GP drives wonderfully and looks fabulous, but it’s complete list of features & specifications are hard to find 🙂

(and we’re still waiting to discover if and how a factory alarm can be installed into a GP … are you listening, Mr. Stracco?)

10 thoughts on “GP window specification sticker

  1. Have you been able to ask your dealer about these things yet? I’d be interested to see where the wiring for the CD changer comes out, also curious about the speakers (could they be including the tweeters as speakers?). That’s the first project when mine arrives, is to upgrade the stereo, not a thumper but something more substantial than stock.

  2. Jeff,
    Yes they count the tweeters as separate speakers – but the count as Gavin pointed out should be “4” for the GP.
    The CD changer wiring should be found in the right hand cubby in the boot – a removeable cover that gives access to the right taillight bulbs … but the wiring is not there.

  3. Hmm, seems like a good spot for it but I think I want my wiring there already as opposed to someone else taking the car apart to run it there!

  4. MINI USA just sent out updated specification stickers – they removed the mention of CD changer wiring, but did not correct the “four seater” reference or add back the flat tire monitor. At least they tried …

  5. Hey, first time on here. Will in ireland. Tomorrow, I try to finalize teh deal for #1956, 40 miles North, in Dublin. Test drove her (only 20KM on)today and was blown away, so I may say bye to the 2006 Cooper S Check mate which I think you guys got there too?!?
    Only thing I wish now is that I was still living in Ca. with decent weather to drive it. Left in 05 after a great 15 yrs!
    Question on the Sterring wheel. I thought it came w/same leather and red stitching.

    Thanks, look fwd to reply
    p.s. if I take her home tomorrow, please change owner name#2,to reflect same.

  6. “All vehicle’s classified as: Four Seater”

    Vehicle’s? Really BMW? You’re a bajillionty dollar a year company and you make *that* grammatical mistake? Hahaha. 🙂

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