GP touch-up paint

A GP owner recently tried to get touch-up paint and couldn’t – I checked with MINI of Peabody and the touch-up paint is back-ordered …

Today I visited my friend Julian at Sublime Restorations; he’s been wanting to see the GP since I got it, but when he saw it, the paint chips from driving MINI Takes The States bothered him!
Julian checked his paint match computers and found paint code A64 listed, so mixed a few ounces of paint – which was a perfect match for the GP of course! So he tidied up a few of the biggest stone chips while I was there …

I’ll probably send GPMINI over to Sublime Restorations for a few days, to have all the chips sorted, and a “clear bra” installed – I’m not keen on them, but I trust Julian to do a good install job!

Meanwhile, if anyone needs touch-up paint, see if your local bodyshop can mix it for you – or call Julian to see what he’ll charge to ship some to you …

6 thoughts on “GP touch-up paint

  1. There ya go! Good work Ian. Do you ever wonder, after reading about GP special car covers and floor mats and touch-up paint if “back-ordered” is code for “not made yet” ? 🙂

  2. Jeff, I’m *certain* that is exactly what back-ordered means! With only 41 GPs in the country, there’s no way we could have bought everything yet!

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