The MINI Takes The States team

MINI Takes The States is an incredible event and there is a huge support crew from MINI USA and R.A.Events, as well as at least one documentary crew … but in the style of MINIsOnTop, a “crew sheet” (or “Who’s Who”) is supplied to identify everyone.

Jim McDowell, Trudy Hardy, Steve Saward (looking awfully young!), Rich Steinberg, Dan Creed, Gene Donnelly, Bob Frisch, Wayne Orchowski, Rick Alberti, Kate Alini, Holly Babich, Mike Barrett, Onno Bierhoff, Claude Bruni, Andrew Cutler, Traci Gaskins, Marian Hawryluk, Gina Koutros, Thomas Kurz, Paul Macerone, Susan Madara, Gerry Matthews, Jeff Stracco, Chris Weiler, Jeff Wight

From R.A.Events:
Kristin Nolan, Ray Brown, Ron Foxworthy, Deneen Vaughn, Kristen Pfeifer, Ingrid Kreis, Jan Kucera, Karin Pofsky, Shanti Ragnoli, Mark Ryder, Chris Rapach, Scott Steffens, JP Stephenson, Desiree Tinder, Todd Victor, Lanny Word

THANK YOU everyone!

(I’ve definitely not seen all these people – I think they are the complete team whether attending the event or not)

2 thoughts on “The MINI Takes The States team

  1. They are a fantatic bunch and treated us great.1ish we could have gone all across america. Cheers to you all.

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