Inside information

Can’t say where this info is from!

A bit of GP news: cars are being built now and the rate of production is increasing nicely and according to plan, about 60 cars are about ready to ship, with a further 100 in the pipeline, the ramp up of numbers is increasing as the parts and processes become better aquainted with the Italians at Bertone or is it the other way around ?

Initial reports are good on the QA side, and as these are effectively hand built there is a lot of good work going in to make them very well indeed. The interesting thing is that the engines with all the JCW mods and electronic tweaks are putting out around 225HP on the rigs, but that is using top grade unleaded fuel which is not always available in some parts of the world so that is why the car is being touted at 218HP. The techies say that in cool weather and using premium octane gas 230HP should be easily attainable

Mike Cooper at Monterey

According to this NorthAmericanMotoring post from Gary / Cooprd:
… executives from MINI and Michael Cooper, son of John Cooper and principal in John Cooper Works will be introducing the MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works GP car, the most powerful production MINI on the road. Lucky buyers of the first 45 GP cars in the United States will be taking delivery of their cars during the event directly from Michael Cooper and Jim McDowell, head of MINI USA

Actually, there is information on this even earlier in the NAM thread, back on April 5th:
… one event taking place on Saturday would have the president of MINI and Michael Cooper would be delivering the first 45 JCW Grand Prix models in the United States to buyers who have already ordered them as part of the ceremonies on Saturday …