GP owners manual online

Gabe Bridgers MotoringFile today put up a downloadable copy of the MCS JCW GP car manual (in four languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian).

Just in case it is taken down again, I’ve mirrored it.

Highlights include:
The MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit is a two-seated compact car. It combines lightweight construction, e.g. aluminium chassis components, with driving dynamism. Vehicle design centred on agile handling characteristics and high driving stability.

The ground effects result in considerably limited ground clearance.

Two additional storage compartments are underneath the luggage-compartment floor panel, right behind the seats.

Do not put the MINI COOPER S with John Cooper Works GP Kit through any automatic car wash, otherwise the rear
spoiler and tailgate will be damaged. Do not use a steam jet or high-pressure washer to clean the roof area carrying the serial number or the rear spoiler connection to the rear window, otherwise damage could occur.

Maximum speed 150 mph.

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